The rise of the digital retail investor

Larger groups of risk averse traders are gathering on social media. They may not be trading large amounts individually, and they’re not armed with hugely accurate information, but together they’re able to wield significant clout. They buy and sell with frequency – and hold the potential to wreak havoc on share price volatility.

GameStop – when 10m Davids took down a Goliath

The buying and selling of cryptocurrencies has created an entire generation of social media-era pundits who are less risk averse, and their agility allows them to manage big swings in the value of their investments.

Absa launches its new digital magazine -The Address

Following the success of Aprio Digital’s Evolve digital magazine, which is done for Absa’s Africa stakeholder audience base, Absa Home Loans contacted Aprio Digital to explore the potential of a magazine for the Home Loans unit’s stakeholders.

Aprio Update December 2020

It certainly wasn’t business as usual in 2020. What a tragic year! Sadly, the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic continue to disrupt our society, the lives of our fellow South Africans and business in general.

Aprio Digital project

Aprio Digital launched a digital campaign for the Liquified Petroleum Gas Association South Africa (LPGSA) to educate consumers about the benefits of LPGas and to encourage its safe and compliant use.


Alan Arguile speaks to four Aprio colleagues – Nikki Catrakilis-Wagner, Phillemon Mosala, Rio Mathlaku and Esme Arendse – about the way Aprio’s clients’ expectations have changed, and the way Aprio’s communications services have evolved in response, since the start of lock-down in March 2020.

Welcome to Aprio Voice, a podcast in which the Aprio team explore topics in corporate communications and investor relations. In this episode one of our writers, Dan Maré, speaks to Alan Arguile about what it takes to be an effective communicator in today’s media landscape, and lessons learnt from the more than 900 media training sessions Alan’s conducted in his career.

In this episode of Aprio Voice, Aprio’s Alan Arguile speaks to Chris Botha from online reputation management consultants Getclosure. In a wide-ranging and buoyant discussion, they touch on the democratisation of communication, how best to deploy online resources, ideal response times, cybersquatting, and much more.

In this episode Alan Arguile speaks to Mark Leighton, Aprio’s content-marketing specialist. Mark has decades of experience in publishing and using high-quality content to build brands and deliver effective campaigns. Here he speaks to Alan about the history and function of content marketing, and about a recent addition to the stable of communications platforms: the digital magazine.

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