Aprio works with Implats to roll out a gender-based violence social media campaign


Aprio works with Implats to roll-out a gender-based violence social media campaign


Impala Platinum (Implats) launched a social media campaign in response to the surge of gender-based violence during the COVID-19 lockdown. Regular social media posts are being shared across Implats’ Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn platforms to encourage women to speak up and reach out to end gender-based violence.



The following messaging forms part of the campaign:


  • Violence against women and children is an abhorrent crime that demands an unequivocal response
  • Implats stands united with those condemning criminal acts as a shameful blight on our society and demanding action is taken to prevent them
  • It is up to each one of us to play a role in dealing with violent acts against women
  • Implats strives to create an enabling environment to empower women to report bad behaviour in the workplace, without being victimised

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